Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Joy's Life Newsletter TODAY

Hey Everybody!  Did you survive Valentine's Day?  I hope it was a happy one without so much preparation that you were too tired to enjoy it.  A salute to those of you who had to make Valentine's Day shoe boxes for your children, those of you who baked, bought and otherwise supplied parties with ton o' themed items.  Let's not forget the hours/days/weeks that went into creating one or many cute, thoughtful and/or perfect Valentine's cards.  It's great once you see it come together but what work!  Pat yourselves on the back, pour yourself a cup of coffee/tea/soda and do something just for you for a little while.  I know you deserve it!

Today the Joy's Life Newsletter comes out.  Woo hoo!  I try to do it weekly but that doesn't always happen.  I can promise that I will not pepper your inbox with tons of newsletters.  If you're not currently receiving the Newsletter and would like to, you can sign up on the LEFT hand side of Joy's where you see Super Joy reading the newspaper (as seen above).

Have a Happy Day!!
(After I write the Newsletter, I'm going to get my craft on!  WOO HOO!)