Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Cricut Cartridge & Scoring Blade

If you got my newsletter yesterday, then you saw the newest Cricut cartridge and scoring blade.  I just found out about it while searching around on the Cricut site.  I don't know how I missed it sooner but I ordered it right away.  It's a new Tags, Bags, Boxes and More!  It's TBBM2.
Here's what it looks like and what it makes:

 Here's the new Scoring Blade:
Pretty cool!  It's supposed to work in conjunction with the TBB&M2 cartridge but I'm sure you can use it for tons of things.  I've used the one by Cri-Kit's before.  You can see that on this post.

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Have a crafty day!
P.S.  I'll have the new TBB&M2 added to the Cricut Cartridge Checklist and the My Cartridge Checklist APP this week.