Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Vase filled with coffee filter flowers

It's Megan here again with another Mother's Day gift! This week we were asked to make something using flowers for Mother's Day. I went the whole way with it and made a gift of flowers for mother's day! My daughter and I had a great time making these coffee filter flowers that I found a tutorial for on pinterest. All you need is some coffee filters, food coloring, wire and tape. Even my 6 year old could do it!
I found this triangle shaped vase at Goodwill and altered it using some My Little Shoebox papers and of course Joy's Life stamps! The coffee filters flowers didn't turn out as bright as they look here. I had to tweak the color of the photos a little bit and wanted the altered vase to look just right, so the color of the flowers is a little bit off.
here is the side that my daughter designed. I let her choose the paper, then I cut it to fit. I also cut out the frame details that she wanted from the papers. This way she got to create it, but it still all matches. She arranged the elements.
Here is a side view that shows two of the panels at the same time
and here is an up-close of the two Joy's Life stamps that I used. This one is from the Holiday Occasions set.
And this one is from the Tag You're It TWO set.
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