Sunday, February 17, 2013

Too many Candles!

Hello Everyone!! Debbie here from Bugjuiced showing a card I made for Miss Joy cause its her I have the 50 cent (fiftie cent as his hip friends call him)  song in my head....GO SHORTY ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY....ok settle down Deb. 

I used Joys Life "Everyday Occasions" for my card. 

I wanted my card to be on the humorous side cause....well you know I love me some humor. 
And Joy has a GREAT sense of humor. 

I made another card that is different. I am liking the different out of the box cards. Although tricky at first trying to do it from vague instructions or you know sometimes you watch someone do it but its still hard until you do it yourself. 

Well this one I created I ended up making a file in Silhouette so in the future it is all there and ready to cut and piece together. That is what I have been doing with all my more difficult card bases. I have multiple step cards, cascade cards etc. that I have been creating silhouette files for. I am loving it!!

This one I also re-did twice! I ended up wanting to create a more delicate shape instead of just a square and even though I am not loving the color of the papers so much I am leaving it alone. My poor raccoon can not take being removed again! So Happy Birthday to Joy!!!! 

Get on over and wish Joy a Happy Birthday and grab yourself some awesome products!!