Friday, August 31, 2012

My Insta Summer

TGIF everyone!  Sarabeth from Chronicles of Sarita here and it's my turn to share the Swatch Tag Mini I created!  I must say that although in the beginning this was quite a challenge-I just love love LOVE the way it turned out and I have plans for many, many more of these to be done in the near future!  I created a mini using all of my summer pics taken via Instagram and used only the paint swatches I picked up from our local Lowe's.  Take a peek:

 (remember, you can always click on any of the pics for a larger image)

 This mini pretty much sums up my summer so far.  I definitely plan on adding a few more pages to finish up the season in style on these awesome paint swatches.  Stop on by my blog for a few fun stories on how some of these pics came about :)  Do you Instagram?  Do you just store your photos on your phone or do you print them?  My Instagram name is sarabeth0613, I would love for you to check it out if you IG too!
Joy's Life Stamps used:

Chevron Print Popsicle- Sweet Popsicle Puns
"Enjoy the Summer"- Pun In the Sun
"A Treat For You"- Sweet Popsicle Puns
Heart shape- Tag You're It ONE
"Lucky Me Having You In My Life"- You're So Punny
"Hello Sunshine"- Pun In the Sun 
"Oopsy Daisy"- You're So Punny
"A Surprise Is In Store For You"- Tag You're It ONE
"Dropping You A Line"- You're So Punny
"I love you"- Joyful Hearts
"My" & "Baby"- Everyday Occasions

You can check out all of the Joy's Life Stamp sets HERE!

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