Sunday, July 29, 2012

Popping by to say Hi!

Hello everyone! Laura here from Laura's Crafts & More...This week we are using the Yummy Puns and/or Sweet Popsicle Puns...I chose to use "Popping by to say Hi!!" from Yummy Puns! And of course I had to do something with popcorn! Yum!! :) 

My kids love making the Jiffy Pop popcorn on the remember those? The foil puffs up and when it's done you break open the foil puffball and enjoy! SO I thought I would decorate one to give as a cute little gift to someone special!

Everytime I think about this Jiffy Pop, I think of "the good ole days" so I used some "old timey" paper and red accents! Love the black/white/red combo!

Here is a pic of the super amazing stamp :)

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